Image Name Category Title E-Mail Phone
Adam Lambert Curators and Affiliates Research Affiliate Send Email (805) 451-7465
Andy Lanes Restoration Staff Manzanita Manager, Kids in Nature Instructor Send Email (805) 893-4211
Andy Wyss Faculty Paleobotany Oversight Send Email (805) 893-2314
Beau Tindall Restoration Staff South Parcel Field Coordinator Send Email (805) 893-4211
Bruce Tiffney Curators and Affiliates Paleobotany Curator Send Email (805) 893-3827
Carina Motta Collections Staff Collection Student Intern Send Email
Catherine Reilly Restoration Staff Restoration Assitant Send Email (805)-893-4211
Darwin Richardson Restoration Staff South Parcel Manager Send Email (805) 893-4211
David Chapman Curators and Affiliates Algae Curator Send Email (805) 893-7545
Dieter Wilken Curators and Affiliates Botany Adjunct Curator Send Email (805) 682-4726
Gregory A. Wahlert Collections Staff Research Botanist/Collections Manager Send Email (805)-893-2401
Hillary Young Curators and Affiliates Mammalogy Adjunct Curator Send Email (805) 893-4681
Janet Myers Restoration Staff Academic Coordinator, Kids in Nature Send Email (805) 893-2506
Jennifer Thorsch Curators and Affiliates Director Emeritus, Plant Anatomy Curator Send Email (805) 893-2401
Jim Markham Curators and Affiliates Algae Adjunct Curator Send Email (805) 893-2401
Johnny Alonzo Restoration Staff Restoration Assitant Send Email (805)-893-4211
Justin Luong Restoration Staff North Parcel Field Coordinator Send Email (805) 893-4211
Katja Seltmann Director Katherine Esau Director, Invertebrate Zoology Curator Send Email (805) 893-2401
Kelly Campbell Curators and Affiliates Ecological Restoration Afiliate Send Email (805) 893-3648
Krista Fahy Curators and Affiliates Ornithology Adjunct Curator Send Email (805) 682-4711 x155
Larry Hunt Curators and Affiliates Herpetology Affiliate Send Email (805) 967 - 8482
Lauren Dykman Restoration Staff Campus Lagoon Steward Send Email (805)-893-4211
Laurie Hannah Curators and Affiliates Library Collections Affiliate Send Email (805) 893-2506
Lisa Stratton Restoration Staff Director of Ecosystem Management Send Email (805) 893-4158
Mark Holmgren Curators and Affiliates Restoration and Collection Affiliate Send Email
Mary Carroll Curators and Affiliates Botany Affiliate Send Email
Nancy Vivrette Curators and Affiliates Botany Adjunct Curator Send Email
Rachel Behm Collections Staff Collections Assistant Send Email
Rachel Davis Restoration Staff San Clemente & Campus Flora Project Manager, Volunteer and Intern Coordinator Send Email (805) 893-2401
Ryan Clark Restoration Staff Monitoring Coordinator Send Email (805) 893-4211
Ryan Lippitt Restoration Staff Sierra Madre Manager Send Email (805) 893-4211
Sam Sweet Curators and Affiliates Herpetology Curator Send Email (805) 893-373
Shirley Tucker Curators and Affiliates Lichen Curator Send Email (805) 898-0908
Steven Ortega Restoration Staff Sierra Madre Field Coordinator Send Email (805) 893-4211
Susan Mazer Curators and Affiliates Botany Curator Send Email (805) 893-8011
Susannah Porter Curators and Affiliates Advisory Board Chair, Paleobotany Curator Send Email (805) 893-8954
Tom Dudley Curators and Affiliates Research Affiliate Send Email (805) 893-2911
Wayne Chapman Restoration Staff North Parcel and Greenhouse Manager Send Email (805) 893-4211