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The Cheadle Center is seeking a Postdoctoral Scholar to forward research in bee phenomics and functional traits. Come join our team!


Calling all seaweed aficionados! Join the Cheadle Center in Cambria, CA for three day seaweed adventure!



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Realizing ecologically meaningful Restoration “Success” criteria for NCOS

When you walk around the North Campus Open Space you see a landscape dominated by locally sourced native plants and an on-going pattern of targeted weed-control activities by the staff. In the soon-to-be-finalized Year 5 monitoring report you will see that all of the nine monitored habitats have reached all or most “success criteria”, but not all criteria in all habitats. Click here to learn more! 

Trees of NCOS

As the North Campus Open Space nears the completion of year 5 of restoration the site continues to grow and change as plants mature and form distinct habitat areas. One of the areas where the site will change most in terms of plant growth in the coming years are the riparian corridors where oaks, alders, cottonwoods, and sycamores have been planted. As the trees grow, these riparian zones will become shady refuges for wildlife. Read more here! 

Herbarium Collection on NCOS

Over the past six months, staff and interns have collected over 140 plant specimens from NCOS in an effort to catalog the wide range of plant diversity on the project; everything from invasive non-natives such as bristly oxtongue (Helminthotheca echioides) to our rare or endangered natives such as Ventura marsh milk vetch (Astragalus pycnostachyus var. lanosissimus). Read more here!

North Campus Open Space Restoration Project

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