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The Cheadle Center is seeking a Postdoctoral Scholar to forward research in bee phenomics and functional traits. Come join our team!


Calling all seaweed aficionados! Join the Cheadle Center in Cambria, CA for three day seaweed adventure!



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Breeding Birds at NCOS

One of the main goals of the North Campus Open Space project is to provide habitat for a wide variety of bird species. During the spring and summer months, the value of the habitat on NCOS can be assessed by observing birds that are using the restoration site as their breeding grounds. Which species do you think nest at NCOS? Find out more here! 

Mesa Trail is Open!

The Cheadle Center is proud to announce the opening of the Mesa Trail at the North Campus Open Space! The trail was officially opened and celebrated on May 14th with a public event showcasing the history and biodiversity of the land. Visitors were invited to take part in a Mesa Trail scavenger hunt that led them along the new trail to various tables where Cheadle Center staff set up posters and displays offering information on the Mesa's past and present. These tables helped inform visitors on a range of subjects pertaining to the Mesa habitat, including its Ethnobotany, Ornithology, Hydrology, Entomology, and Botany. Click here for the full story!

Student Perspectives on NCOS

Student workers are an essential component of the NCOS restoration process and have been the bedrock of planting and weeding efforts since the beginning of the project. Through these intensive efforts they have gained great understanding of the ecological restoration in an impressively short time span. We’ve interviewed four student workers to see how their work at NCOS has increased their awareness of the key successes of NCOS and the remaining challenges. Read more here! 

North Campus Open Space Restoration Project

NCOS News - July 2022

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Feature Story - Breeding Birds at NCOS

Community Forum and Photos - Heron, Yellowlegs, Bees, and more!

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