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The Cheadle Center is seeking a Postdoctoral Scholar to forward research in bee phenomics and functional traits. Come join our team!


Calling all seaweed aficionados! Join the Cheadle Center in Cambria, CA for three day seaweed adventure!



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Winter Break Storms at NCOS

Recent storms over the Winter break have once again illustrated how the increased wetland capacity of the restored system at NCOS provides flood protection and increases the tidal prism which expands and diversifies the wetland. Click here for more on the storms! 

NCOS: Living Laboratory

An essential component of the North Campus Open Space restoration project is its availability as an ecological study area for student researchers. Its close proximity to UCSB and diverse array of habitat types provides the perfect opportunity for students to find their passion in the field. Click here to read about four students who have been conducting field-based research at NCOS. 

The Cheadle Center's Third Seaweed of California's Central Coast Identification Workshop

We just hosted our third seaweed workshop! Check-out our blog to see what it's like to attend our weekend algal adventure!


North Campus Open Space Restoration Project

NCOS News - January 2022

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Updates - Year 4 Monitoring Report, Swallow Nesting Structure, Vernal Pools 

Feature Story - Winter Break Storms at NCOS

Community Forum and Photos - Tropical Kingbird, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Double-crested Cormorant, and more!

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