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The Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration is a center under the Office of Research. CCBER fulfills the university's mission of education, research, and outreach through its stewardship and restoration of campus lands and preservation and management of natural history collections.

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Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration
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California Flowers Project

Capturing California’s Flowers: - a new resource for detecting the link between flowering time and climate.
In California, thousands of native pollinator, bird, and mammal species depend on native flowering plants for the pollen, nectar, fruits, and seeds they provide. In turn, the flowering time of California native plants determines the abundance and availability of these food sources during our brief seasonal flowering periods.  How will this availability change in response to climate change?  A new National Science Foundation (NSF) grant provided to UC Santa Barbara and collaborators throughout California will help answer this question.

English in the Field Student Reception

"English in the Field" on Friday Oct. 12 from 2-3pm in UCSB South Hall 2635, which will feature short presentations from undergrad English-Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration joint interns followed by a reception. 

Managing Invasive Plants with Fire

With the help of Santa Barbara County Firefighters, CCBER conducted its sixth prescribed burn on Lagoon Island. Read on to learn about the research behind the burns.

Keeping Tabs on NCOS Birdlife

At NCOS, CCBER has been collaborating with local ornithologists to conduct systematic monthly surveys of birds on the project site. This month marks one year since the NCOS bird surveys began, and we've tallied up the numbers to see what the trends are so far. Read more here.

North Campus Open Space Restoration Project

NCOS News - October 2018

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