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The Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration is a center under the Office of Research.  CCBER fulfills the university's mission of education, research, and outreach through its stewardship and restoration of campus lands and preservation and management of natural history collections.

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Search for the Giant Sphinx Moth

CCBER has one of a few specimens of a giant sphinx moth from Mexico that has begun to be found in Santa Barbara. Read more about the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History's study of the moth's occurrence and how citizens can help. 

Getting Kids into Nature at NCOS

The NCOS restoration project provides opportunities for K-12 students to gain experience in all aspects of restoration ecology. Read on to learn how local students experience hands-on, place-based education.

Natural History Collections Club's Invertebrate Transcription Event

Last Saturday, the Natural History Collections Club held an event to transcribe data for the insect collections. The event attracted participants from many different disciplines to get around 500 specimens from the online invertebrate database transcribed!

UCSB iNaturalist Pollinator Bioblitz

The Environmental Studies Citizen Science class took part in an iNaturalist bioblitz throughout campus under the guidance of their professor and CCBER staff. Read more about the three hours they spent recording observations of pollinators using their phone cameras and ingenuity.

North Campus Open Space Restoration Project

NCOS News - March 2018

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Updates - Bridge structures are starting to be put in place (yay!); Keeping NCOS and our creeks and wetlands trash free; Salicornia seed spreading, and more!

Feature Story - Read about the Kids In Nature 2 program and learn how local students experience hands-on, place-based education at NCOS.

And - more great bird photos, PLUS - a new way to contribute to the long-term management of NCOS!

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