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A presentation by Austen Apigo, PhD candidate, Ryoko Oono lab, UCSB

Cheadle Center, Wednesday, February 5th, 5:00-6:00 PM



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Wildlife Get Caught in the Crossfire of Our Poisonous War on Rats

Sightings of sickly looking bobcats, coyotes, and other wildlife are becoming more common in and near urban areas. These animals have a severe case of mange, and there is increasing evidence that suggests it could be linked to the ubiquitous poison used to control rats. Read more about this issue and how CCBER is working with campus management to find alternative ways to control rats on UCSB property, and what you can do to help save impacted wildlife.

Visual Listening - The Identification and Monitoring of Bats at NCOS

Last winter, CCBER began conducting quarterly acoustic surveys for bats at NCOS. In this story, we describe how we are recording bat calls, how we identify the potential species present at NCOS, and what the data collected during 2020 tells us.

CCBER Herbarium Digitization Technician Job Announcement

The Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER) at UC Santa Barbara is seeking applicants for an Herbarium Digitization Technician at the UCSB Herbarium. Come join our team!

North Campus Open Space Restoration Project

NCOS News - January 2021

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Updates - learn about opportunities for artists to integrate art and nature at NCOS, take a survey on an NCOS Naturalist Program in development, read about how we're establishing populations of native wildflowers in the Mesa grassland, and more!

Feature Story - Wildlife Get Caught in the Crossfire of Our Poisonous War on Rats

Community Forum and Photos - Bird breeding season is here! Learn how to submit your observations of breeding bird activity.

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