Graduate Students of Katherine Esau

Katherine Esau was a superb teacher, serving as major professor for 15 doctoral students. She gave freely of her time and was always available to provide advice, encouragement, and praise. These students conducted their dissertation research under Esau's supervision and published the following results.


University of California, Davis


Hugh Wilcox 1950*

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Guido Girolami 1952
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Peter Bishop Kaufman 1954
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Robert Ver Dean Parke 1956
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Ray Franklin Evert 1958
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Engracia Arguelles Rasa 1960
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Charles Harrinton Lamoureux 1961
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Lalit Mohan Srivastava 1962
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E. Mark Engleman 1963
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Clyde Lacey Calvin 1966
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James Joseph McGrath 1966
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University of California, Santa Barbara

Jennifer Alta Thorsch 1981
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  *Year Ph.D awarded