February 13, 2022

Planting a New Pollinator Garden at the Family Student Housing West Campus Community Gardens

Today, Plan Bee teamed up with Family Student Housing to prepare a space for a new pollinator garden with a special twist -- located at the Family Student Housing West Campus Community Gardens, the new pollinator garden will grow native plants as well as vegetables that both humans and bees love! To prepare, we cleared the entire plot of weeds and built gopher baskets to create a welcoming environment for future plants. Keep an eye out for a future workday where we will plant native plants and vegetables!


February 5, 2022

Returning to Work on our First Pollinator Garden

Plan Bee and the Edible Campus Program partnered to rework the St. Mike’s Pollinator garden! Nonnative weeds were beginning to encroach on the native plant beds, so volunteers cleared the area of weeds and laid down mulch to prevent them from growing back. We also added some beautiful sea cliff daisies, which native bees love!



November 7, 2021

Planting a Bee Pollinator Garden at the UCSB Greenhouse Garden Project

This Sunday we created a habitat for native bees and other local pollinators! Our team of volunteers built more gopher baskets and learned how to properly plant Fuchsia, Coffeeberry, Gooseberry, Elderberry, Gardenia, Caterpillar phacelia, and Purple sage! We used pickaxes and shovels to break up the soil, and then dug a hole about double the diameter of the potted plant. After, we placed a gopher basket in the hole, packed the sides with soil so there would be no gaps, and then rolled down the sides of the basket to ground level. This way rodents and other small animals can not hurt the plant! Finally, we planted our native  plants in the basket and then watered them! We were able to plant [# of plants] within two hours!


October 9, 2021

Preparing a Bee Pollinator Garden at the UCSB Greenhouse Garden Project

Over forty volunteers showed up to today's workday! We split up into teams to weed western ragweed (Ambrosia psilostachya) and trim the existing shrubs. We also laid down new mulch for the garden site and learned how to use pickaxes to break up the dirt mounds and clear the soil. This was all in preparation to introduce native plants that are favored by local pollinators. The rainfall that happened the days before and after helped set the soil and the new mulch we laid down! 
The Daily Nexus wrote about us in their recent paper! You can read more about what we did today here!



September 18, 2021

Building Gopher Baskets at the UCSB Greenhouse Garden Project

We spent today building gopher baskets for a brand new pollinator garden! Over a dozen volunteers showed up to help build gopher baskets - wire baskets buried into the soil that will protect the plants’ roots from being eaten by gophers. We worked together to redesign our garden layout, tearing down rotting fences and reusing the wire from them to build more gopher baskets. We were able to finish cleaning up the garden plot and building several gopher baskets within two hours!


July 27, 2021

Hosting our first Bee Campus USA committee meeting

Our first official Bee Campus USA committee meeting was held remotely over zoom with native plant and insect experts, faculty members with a variety of environmental research interests, and members of the Landscape and Biotic Environment subcommittee. During the meeting we planned out our application to become a Bee Campus USA affiliate. We also brainstormed educational events and opportunities for students to get involved in during the upcoming school year. We plan to send in our application within the next couple of weeks!






June 15, 2021

Planting a Bee Pollinator Garden at St. Mike's

Today, we planted one of soon-to-be many pollinator gardens in Isla Vista in order to help save our declining native bee population. To prepare for this event, we sent out a google form on our Instagram for volunteers to sign up a few weeks beforehand. Our team of volunteers, which included UCSB students, CCBER staff, and St. Mike's church, arrived at St. Michael's University Chuch (aka St. Mike's) at 9:00 AM. We started off by levelling the ground and mapping out the location for two 5'x10' raised beds. Then, we drilled together wooden frames for the beds and attached gopher wire to the bottom before filling both beds with soil. Finally, we planted and watered White sage, Caterpillar Phacelia, Deerweed, and Santa Barbara Milkvetch. These plants are native to Santa Barbara and specifically attract native bees. We also made sure to take breaks to chat about bees and check out cool native bee specimens that Katja brought!


June 15, 2021

We are approved to pursue the Bee Campus USA certification for UCSB!

From Chancellor Yang:

We’re excited to announce that Chancellor Yang has approved our efforts to make UCSB a certified Bee Campus USA! Thank you to the Chancellor’s Sustainability Committee members, who unanimously voted to recommend approval of Bee Campus USA efforts.

With this approval, we will be able to host educational events and plant pollinator gardens with the intention of becoming a certified Bee Campus USA and thus protecting our native bees!