Introducing: The North Campus Open Space Nature Guide Program

Tue, 03/09/2021 - 13:29 -- Ryan Clark

Could this be you, guiding a future tour of North Campus Open Space as a Nature Guide? Read more below!

Education and outreach are two key elements of CCBER’s mission, and we are continuously looking for new ways to expand these efforts and involve the local community at UCSB’s open spaces. With the community’s growing interest and use of NCOS, and to help extend our education efforts related to this restoration project, we are excited to announce the launch of the NCOS Nature Guide program this April!

Building on responses from more than 20 community members to a survey about the idea that we sent out in the December and January newsletters, CCBER has developed a pilot program to train interested and committed volunteers to become certified NCOS Nature Guides. Led by CCBER’s education and outreach staff (Andy Lanes), the training will focus on ten topics, such as the flora, fauna, hydrology, and restoration practices of NCOS. Participants in the program will have access to resources online for remote learning assignments and we anticipate having bi-weekly check-ins for discussion and assessments until in-person tours and trainings can begin. The goal is that, by this summer, certified nature guides will be able to lead scheduled weekend tours for the public (pending restrictions), interpret site history, and point out interesting plants, birds, insects, and other features along the 3 miles of accessible trails at NCOS.

If you are interested in becoming a certified NCOS Nature Guide, and did not respond to our survey this winter, please send an email to We are planning to schedule an orientation to the NCOS Nature Guide Program via zoom on Thursday, April 1, where we will discuss the goals, expectations, and how we will balance outreach with the current and changing constraints. All respondents to the survey, and anyone who contacts us expressing interest before April 1, will be invited to the orientation session. Also, keep an eye on the newsletter for future guided tours of NCOS, which will be open and free to anyone.


Tuesday, March 9, 2021 - 13:30