USFW awarded CCBER $1 million to support South Parcel restoration!


U.S. Fish and Wildlife awarded CCBER a grant for $1 million to support restoration efforts on South Parcel vernal pool, back dune swale and seep marsh habitats as part of an announcement of over $20 million being awarded to conserve wetlands in coastal watersheds throughout the U.S. Funded in part through taxes paid on equipment and fuel purchases by recreational anglers and boaters, these grants were aimed at taking a portion of the billions of dollars generated through recreational angling, boating, waterfowl hunting, and bird watching to benefit communities in the vicinity of wetland restoration projects. "Conservation of these habitats will not only benefit coastal wetland-dependent wildlife, but will also enhance flood protection and water quality, and provide economic and recreational benefits to anglers, boaters, hunters and wildlife watchers" (USFWS News Release). With these funds, CCBER aims to restore a vernal pool complex at South Parcel as part of the North Campus Open Space Restoration Project. CCBER has previously restored numerous vernal pools throughout UCSB, typified by the vernal pool complex at Manzanita Village.



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