Herbarium News

The effort to database all of our California specimens and upload them to the Consortium of California Herbaria (CCH) federated database continues in full swing with over 12,870 vascular plant records added to our in-house Specify database and CCH since 2011.  Herbarium Assistant Veronica Ortega has worked part time for the past year and a half to enter the specimen label data. She was assisted by Environmental Studies major Lindsey Bennett who worked fall and winter quarters, and she is now working with Emily Helsley, an Environmental Studies student.


                                             Veronica Ortega                                                           Emily Helsley

Dr. Dieter Wilken, adjunct curator in Botany, has continued to organize the collection, updating nomenclature and assisting with problem specimens. Wilken also gave the CCBER staff a very informative workshop on georeferencing in December. Veronica has also begun georeferencing Ventura County specimens as part of our 2010 NSF collaborative grant to georeference priority specimens in the CCH database, and she trains and supervises student interns to label our backlog of dried plants and mount them onto herbarium sheets.


                                                              Interns mounting plant specimens



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