Spring Quarter Seminar Series on Grassland Restoration

CCBER's Conservation and Restoration Ecology Seminar Series for the 2019 Spring quarter will focus on Restoring California's Native Perennial Grasslands. Seminar presentations take place on Monday's from 6:00 - 7:00 pm in the CCBER Classroom on the south side of Harder Stadium.

The schedule of seminar topics and speakers includes:

April 8th: Robert Freese (Irvine Ranch Conservancy): Management Challenges in Restoring Native California Grasslands

April 15th: Mark Horney (CalPoly, Animal Sciences): What are the ‘best’ rangeland management practices and can they benefit native perennial grasslands?

April 22nd: Elihu Gevirtz (Channel Islands Restoration): Restoration of Native Grasslands & Bird Populations Using Sheep Grazing on the San Marcos Foothills Preserve in Santa Barbara, CA.

April 29th: Wayne Chapman (CCBER): Fire: A Brief History of Chumash Vegetation Management and Implications for Conserving Local Plant Diversity

May 6th: Loralee Larios (UC Riverside): A demographic approach to managing native grasslands

May 13th: JP Marie (Putah Creek Reserve Director, UC Davis): Large scale native grassland restoration strategies

May 20th: Karen Holl (UC Santa Cruz): Native grassland restoration: Results from Research and Experimentation

Click here to download a pdf of the seminar schedule.

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