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CCBER Intern BBQ Highlights

Fun was had by all on June 6 at the 10th annual CCBER BBQ held to thank the interns who have participated in restoration, research, education and collection management this past year. Over 40 students joined staff for an excellent meal grilled to perfection by Ryan Lippitt and sous chef Alex Tremblay. Yummy salads, sides, desserts and beverages accompanied the main dish.


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NCOS News - January 2018

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Project Updates - We have water! The first major rainfall of the season raised the water level at NCOS by 2 feet, partially filled all nine of the vernal pools, and drainage systems performed well. Native grasses have begun sprouting, and bridge construction continues to progress.

Feature Story - Read about how NCOS is sequestering carbon, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

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