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Restoration Progress on the EEM Zone of NCOS

As the NCOS project got underway, we were concerned about the 25 acres of invasive weeds between NCOS and South Parcel that could easily colonize the newly restored site. Fortunately, with a grant funded by the Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program (EEM), our efforts to control the inhospitable weeds in what we call the EEM zone of NCOS have created openings for natural and planted restoration. Read more in this report by Beau Tindall, CCBER’s project leader at EEM and South Parcel.


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Updates - NCOS Town Hall webinar on August 13th, Overlook Benches, Planting at Visitor Plaza & Discovery Trail, and more!

Feature Story - Restoration Progress on the EEM Zone of NCOS

Community Forum and Photos - A Virginia Rail, Blue Butterflies, a bobcat and more birds grace this month's collection of photos.

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