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NCOS News - September 2017

       Aerial photo of the NCOS project site and surrounding area, taken by Bill Dewey on August 29.


Project Updates

Planting has begun! On August 28, CCBER staff spent the afternoon planting eight species along the northern edge of the restoration site (see photos below). We will continue to plant in this area, and eventually spread to other areas of the site over the coming months.

Come plant with us! Starting this month, we invite community members to help us make NCOS grow on the 2nd Saturday of the month. To join this month, on September 9th, please send an RSVP email to

Take a tour of NCOS! As part of Creek week, we are offering a tour of the project site on Sunday, September 24, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. Meet at the parking lot on Whittier Drive. More information will be on the Creek Week website.

       The three photos above were taken on the first planting day at NCOS, August 28.


Construction Updates:

> The boulders and concrete block and sill structure that separated lower Devereux Slough from the golf course has been removed (see photo below). The natural connection of lower and upper Devereux Slough has been restored!

The photos above are before (top) and after (bottom) the removal of the concrete sill structure that separated lower Devereux Slough from NCOS.


> The "bright green stuff" that has just been sprayed on the slopes around the restoration site is a sterile wheat in hydro-mulch that will stabilize the slopes (prevent erosion) during the coming winter, until native plants can be established.

        Sterile wheat hydro-mulch being sprayed to help stabilize slopes during the coming winter rains.


> The old golf course clubhouse has been removed (four photos below). The site will become the main gathering and interpretive area for NCOS.

> A temporary storage structure for plants and other materials has been set up near where the old cart barn used to be. A more permanent maintenance shed structure for this site is currently being designed.

> Construction of the bridges and trails will begin in October.

        The three photos above are before and after the removal of the old golf course club house.


Feature Story

Native Grassland Restoration at NCOS

Although the North Campus Open Space (NCOS) restoration project centers around the expansion of the Devereux Slough salt marsh, a variety of plant communities will be restored throughout the process. One of the largest restoration areas of NCOS, second to the salt marsh community, is the Native Grassland Complex. Please click here to read the full story.


Volunteer Opportunities

Second Saturdays - Planting at NCOS

Second Saturday planting days start in September! Help install some of the first plants on NCOS on Saturday September 9th, 9:30 – Noon! T-shirts will be provided to volunteers! Bring water and wear hats and good shoes! Please RSVP to






Thursdays - CCBER Greenhouse Associates

Thursday mornings at the CCBER Greenhouse and Nursery are getting into full swing! Come help transplant seedlings of native plants with the CCBER team from 9am - 12noon. To join, please send an email to







Community Forum & Photos

Have a plant, wildlife, or other photo of the project site you'd like to share? We welcome submissions of photos of the project site and/or the adjacent Ellwood-Devereux area to share with NCOS News readers. Please email a photo you would like to share along with a brief description to

Another rare bird sighting! On August 8, an Audubon Society member spotted a Lesser Nighthawk resting on the temporary fencing around the restoration site for several hours! Sightings of this bird near the coast in Goleta and Santa Barbara in late summer are very rare, usually one per year at most!


Bird activity has been ramping up in Devereux Slough! This photo (below) was taken last week by a CCBER staff member, shortly after the natural connection of the slough with NCOS was restored.