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NCOS News - August 2017


Project Updates

“Whittier” pond, near the outfall of three Goleta stormdrains, has been excavated to help increase stormwater capacity.


The creation of a series of step pools connecting Phelps Creek to Devereux Slough began on July 20. The series of photos below show the change to Phelps Creek over the past few months.

Restoration at the Whittier pond and Phelps pools will include marsh and riparian vegetation to help stabilize banks and enhance habitat features while also retaining stormwater capacity.


Soil amendments: The first round of soil amendments (compost and biochar) are being added to 5 acres on the South Parcel mesa (photos below), which is near to final grade.


Feature Story

Experiencing NCOS - Trails, Interpretive Signs, and more!

The trails, interpretive signs, benches and related features of the NCOS project are coming into focus and will soon be implemented. This story highlights some examples of existing interpretative signs on campus, and discusses the ideas and plans for NCOS as well as a call for community input. Please click here to read the full story.


Volunteer Opportunities

Second Saturdays - Planting at NCOS

Second Saturday planting days start in September! Help install some of the first plants on NCOS on Saturday September 9th, 9:30 – Noon! T-shirts will be provided to volunteers! Bring water and wear hats and good shoes! Please RSVP to







Thursdays - CCBER Greenhouse Associates

Thursday mornings at the CCBER Greenhouse and Nursery are getting into full swing! Come help transplant seedlings of native plants with the CCBER team from 9am - 12noon. To join, please send an email to








Community Forum & Photos

Have a plant, wildlife, or other photo of the project site you'd like to share? We welcome submissions of photos of the project site and/or the adjacent Ellwood-Devereux area to share with NCOS News readers. Please email a photo you would like to share along with a brief description to

We had a rare visitor to the project site this week - a Greater Roadrunner (two photos below)! And the roadrunner's old friend, a coyote, has also been seen in the area, but has eluded cameras so far.


Here are recent photos showing the progress of vernal pool and native grassland restoration on South Parcel, along the upper west edge of NCOS. Native perennial grasses and wildflowers are being planted at a rate of 1,000 plants per day by teams of dedicated CCBER staff and newly hired UCSB graduates!