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NCOS News - July 2017

         The changing landscape of NCOS, as seen from the bridge over Devereux Slough on April 10 (top) and June 30 (bottom).


        Another view of the changing landscape, as seen from the southeast corner of the site on April 10 (top) and June 30 (bottom).


Project Updates

  • Grading of the eastern arm is complete, and planting in this area begins later this month! Keep an eye out for folks in yellow shirts putting plants in the ground.
  • CCBER has been awarded an Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Grant from the California Natural Resources Agency to assist with control/removal of non-native, invasive plants such as pampas grass, harding grass, fennel and mustard on the upper area of NCOS that is outside of the grading area.
  • The former clubhouse on Ocean Meadows is slated to be removed in August. It will be replaced with an interpretive trailhead area.
  • The Ellwood Marine Terminal site is being returned to UCSB from Venoco after they filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. The university is awaiting the outcome of the legal process to see what funds will be available to remove the oil tanks, re-contour the land and restore the site.

Lisa Stratton, Director of Ecosystem Restoration at CCBER, led two tours of the NCOS project site for local community members in mid June.


Feature Story

Student Research on NCOS - An Essential Component of the Restoration Project

A significant motivation for UCSB to take on the restoration and stewardship of the former Ocean Meadows golf course is the site’s promising potential as an invaluable resource for education and research. In fact, the use of the site for education and research began even before the land was gifted to the university. With support from the Coastal Fund, UCSB undergraduate and graduate students conducted several research projects on different aspects of the site, and many of these influenced the development of the North Campus Open Space (NCOS) Restoration Plan. Click here to read more about this story.


Volunteer Opportunities

CCBER Greenhouse Associates

Join the CCBER Greenhouse Associates Thursday mornings (9:00 – 12:00)!  Come transplant seedlings, learn about restoration, get to know your neighbors and CCBER staff, and help maintain native plants and their nursery! To join, please send an email to





Community Forum & Photos

The NCOS Endowment

Contributing to the NCOS Endowment provides a special opportunity to name a bridge, trail, boardwalk or habitat feature! Contact us about the opportunity to support the long-term management of the site and diverse student learning opportunities.



This month, we present a couple of photos that highlight recent restoration plantings near the entry to Ellwood-Devereux Coastal Open Space at the end of Phelps Road.

86 coast live oak trees were planted at the Phelps Road and Ellwood Beach Drive entry to the Ellwood-Devereux Coastal Open Space. These oaks replace dead Eucalyptus trees that were removed for public safety reasons this winter.


200 seedlings of small flowering shrubs were planted to support adult butterflies with nectar. The site is delineated with a simple rope so that these seedlings can get established without disturbance.


Want to see your photos on a future newsletter? We welcome submissions of photos from the Ellwood-Devereux area to share with NCOS News readers. Please email a photo you would like to share, along with a brief description to