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Kids in Nature Lesson Plans and Resources

KIN has developed curriculum materials to compliment our activities and lesson plans. To get your own copy of some of these materials and lesson plans, please use the links below.

KIN Lesson Plans

Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration

Activity Description Information Links
Flower Morphology    
Insect Morphology    
Nature Printing    
Plants and Pollinators    
Seeds and Seed Dispersal    

Coal Oil Point

Activity Description Information Links
Marine Algae   Marine Algae Images
Shorebirds   COPR Bird Cards
Animal Tracks   Animal Track Cards
Beach Hoppers   Beach Hopper Images
Beach Journaling    
Dunes and Dune Plant Adaptations    

Storke Wetland

Activity Description Information Links
Birding Lesson Plan    
Dichotomous Key Lesson Plan  

Dichotomous Key

Cards with information

Food Web Lesson Plan    
Wetland Plant Adaptations Lesson Plan    
Plant Nutrients Lesson Plan    
Planting Activity Lesson Plan    
Wetland Model Lesson Plan    

Botanic Garden

Activity Description Information Links
Chaparral Plant Adaptations    
Fire Ecology    

Celebration Day

Activity Description Information Links
Bird Beaks Lesson Plan    
Clapper Stick Lesson Plan    
Native Plant Bookmark Lesson Plan    
Rope Making Lesson Plan    

Additional Curriculum Materials

Native Plant Cards

Aquatic Invertebrates

General Botany Lesson Plans

The following lesson plans complement the information found in the Esau Digital Archive and are aligned with the Next Generation Science Stanadards and the national science content standards for grades K-8. Each lesson contains objectives, materials list, key vocabulary, activities, and assessment. Lesson packets come with teacher and student worksheets and colorful images that can be used in the lesson.

Additional Resources