Science Education Practicum Course



               Harrison, a UCSB graduate and former KIN docent wrote to us recently and states,

               "...KIN has played a big role in the path I have chosen.

               I love going to work every day and inspiring kids 

              to realize their potential as scientists..."



   We recently heard from Michelle and Lauren who wrote,                                                                    

   "We can't thank you enough for the guidance and experience                                                                 

    that you gave us with KIN. It has made the transition to our new job

   seem natural and our bosses seem impressed by how comfortable we are teaching."                                     







Environmental Education Practicum

EEMB 189/EnvS 191 is an environmental science education practicum that meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9am-noon in the Harder Classroom or at various fieldtrip locations. The course is taught by UCSB professors from the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, local 5th grade teachers, UCSB graduate students, and CCBER staff on topics ranging from environmental education, pedagogy, techniques for class and group management, child development, public speaking, science content and an appreciation of the natural world.

Course requirements include the development of a lesson plan and presentation of the lesson, which should include a hands-on component to peers.  The lessons are designed for 3rd- 5th grade curriculum and are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and the Education and Environment Initiative and are available for use by the KIN program and local elementary school teachers.

All students must complete the following for 4 units of credit: 3 hours of lecture and 3 hours of lab each week and a final independent project and presentation. To earn course credit, you must be an EEMB, ENVST, GEOG, ED or CCS student. After completing the course, students will be eligible to receive a stipend for participation in subsequent quarters. For more information, contact Jan Myers, 805- 893-2506.

Course Syllabus