Ecological Restoration Field Skills (ENV S 95)

Join us in restoring UCSB campus natural areas for local plants and wildlife through our Field Skills Course offered by CCBER. The Ecological Restoration Field Skills (ENV S 95) class is currently offered during the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters. Students will gain valuable hands-on field experience restoring native wetland, coastal sage scrub, grassland, and oak woodland habitats. Learn about local plants and animals, earn course credit, meet environmental professionals in your community, and enjoy a beautiful outdoor working environment!

No restrictions. Open to all majors and academic levels.

All students must complete 3 hours of field work per week for 1 unit of credit.

If you are non-UCSB student you can volunteer with CCBER and participate in the same activities as the class.

Education Practicum (EEMB 189/ES191)

Join us for our 10 week (EEMB 189/ES 191) course blending the science of biodiversity and ecological restoration with teaching and curriculum development for grades K-12. Each week will focus on a different sub-topic and will include a lecture and a lab. These will be led by faculty, CCBER staff and guest speakers. The following topics will be covered: science education, pedagogy, local biodiversity, including plant and animal identification and the watershed concept from coastal water to the near shore marine environment.

Students will also mentor 5th grade students in CCBER’s award winning Kids in Nature Program and other school groups.

All students must complete the following for 4 units of credit: 3 hours of lecture and 3 hours of lab each week and a final independent project and presentation. To earn course credit, you must be an EEMB, ENVST, GEOG, ED or CCS student. After completing the course, students will eligible to receive a stipend for subsequent quarters.