Lot 38 Bioswale

Site at a Glance


Date Initiated



0.6 acres

Habitat Types

Biofiltration Wetland, Coastal Sage Scrub

Map of CCBER Areas

The lot 38 Bioswale project began in the fall of 2004. Designed to biologically filter the runoff water from parking lot 38, it flows west along the north side of the parking lot, ultimately emptying into Storke Wetland. The bioswale is approximately 1000 ft long and 25 ft wide, making it almost 6/10 of an acre in size, or 25,000 sq ft. The swale existed for several years prior to improvements by CCBER as a shallow ditch vegetated with non-native grasses and one species of native shrub, coyote brush (Baccharis pilularis).


Before Restoration                                            After Restoration